How to separate maize from impurities in maize processing equipment

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Maize processing equipment how to separate maize and impurities? maize flour processing equipment in the processing of corn before the need for certain cleaning of corn, this process is mainly to remove side by side impurities. Maize thresher is widely used in threshing. Maize cob smashed and mixed into corn, which increased the amount of corn mixed with Maize. Removal of corncobs with the same size and size as corn kernels becomes an important procedure in maize processing equipment.

In the past, Maize flour processing equipment was usually cleaned by one sieve and one stone removal process. Some venues are limited and combined equipment is used. The traditional cleaning equipment is difficult to clean up completely in the process of processing the side-by-side miscellaneous production, but the purity of Maize and the quality of finished products entering the desquamation machine have a great impact. Magnetic separation, remove magnetic substances in corn, because of corncob, plus vertical suction duct. When the vertical suction duct works, the material is fed through the screening equipment. The light impurity is taken away by the airflow of the duct. The width of upper airway can be adjusted by adjusting the moving handwheel of the upper windshield so as to adjust the air volume. The width of lower airway can be changed by adjusting the moving handwheel of the lower windshield, thus changing the wind speed. With the help of air volume and wind speed regulation, impurities and maize can achieve better separation effect.

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