What processes are needed to make sugar from corn processing line?

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hat processes do corn flour processing line need to produce total sugar? Through scientific and technological research and development and improvement, corn processing equipment can meet the needs of the public more and more, produce a variety of food, widely used in agriculture, industry, food, medical and other industries! Today we will elaborate on the process of making total sugar. Let's talk about it.


The saccharifying liquid obtained by liquefaction and saccharification of starch is concentrated and dried after purification without crystallization and honey separation. It includes both crystallized parts and is changed into commercial starch sugar, which is called whole sugar. The commodities of whole sugar are syrup and powder, which are produced according to market demand. The main points of operation and maize production equipment for corn sugar production are as follows:


1. Maize cleaning: remove organic, inorganic and magnetic impurities from maize raw materials.

2. Peeling and embryo extraction: After soaking the cleaned corn in warm water, peeling with a peeler. Corn after peeling is crushed into corn residue by crusher to separate the germ from endosperm, and then the endosperm is extracted by air separation method.

3. Pulverization: In order to improve the sugar yield, the particle size of pulverization is generally 50-80 mesh.

4. Blending: 1 part of corn flour with water 2.5 parts, after blending, add sodium carbonate solution to adjust the pH to 6.0, then add 0.15% - 0.3% amylase.

5. Liquefaction: Sublevel liquefaction is enough.

6. Filtration: The residue is filtered out before saccharification to facilitate saccharification.

7. Saccharification: The filtered sugar solution was adjusted to pH 4.5 by hcl, the saccharification temperature was controlled between 55 and 60, and the saccharifying enzyme was 0.2-0.6. Under stirring conditions, the saccharification was 24-48 hours and the saccharification was terminated.

8. Decolorization: add sugar activated charcoal, control the temperature at 75-80, filter with plate and frame press, get light yellow transparent sugar solution.

9. Ion exchange: The purpose is to remove ionic impurities and ionic pigments from sugar solution.

10. Concentration: To increase the concentration of syrup

11. crystallization and drying: add 0.5% glucose crystal seeds to the concentrated syrup, crystallize 6-8 under the assigned conditions, and then spray dry equipment to make bulk products.


With the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for diversification of food varieties is becoming stronger and stronger, which promotes the development of corn flour processing equipment.


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