How is the corn flour processing equipment heated?

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Corn flour processing plant in the process of processing corn products need to use heating technology, we have to mention heating mode, therefore, the heating device of corn deep processing equipment is very important, only let the corn raw materials can be uniformly heated, can ensure the quality of corn processing products. Generally speaking, the control technology of multi-point heating of cells is used in corn deep processing equipment. The main working principles are as follows:


The so-called multi-point heating technology is actually to divide the heating plate of corn processing plant into a certain number of cells.By controlling the radiation flux of each cell, the heating condition of corn raw materials can be adjusted to ensure the uniformity of heating, so that the corn flour processing equipment can make the heating of corn raw materials more uniform.

In order to improve the quality of maize flour processing plant products, effectively kill the bacteria in corn raw materials, so that our processing products become more healthy. Therefore, this multi-point heating technology is very excellent.

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